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Best Blacklist offers good performance while you are multi-tasking using a Nokia phone. Also its icon is not visible to the user, if the program is configured to accept all calls. I tested the applications and I find Best Blacklist is faster in responding to the call rules. It means, there is a delay to reject a call using Advanced Call Manager.

Publisher's Description

Another issue that I noticed with using Advanced Call Manager is a frequent error when diverting a phone call to another phone number. You can choose from 5 different active modes for your profiles: Use ACM's clever Scheduler to switch between profiles automatically. For example, activate your custom "Evening" profile every evening to block work-related calls after hours.

Use the Locator to switch the active profile according to your location. For example, set ACM to activate your "Work" profile when the Locator detects you are in your office building. Write and save an unlimited number of SMS auto-replies for all occasions and have them always at hand. With Advanced Call Manager you can focus on more joyful matters than avoiding unwanted calls!

This means that for the duration of your voice greeting, the caller will also be able to hear the sounds surrounding your phone.

Blacklist vs Advanced Call Manager for Nokia

Currently 2. Sponsored Links: More efficient call-handling options you can assign to different contacts ACM gives you five more ways to subtly escape calls without having to hang up: Busy tone - send a busy tone to callers. Real-time incoming number analysis and instant reject.

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Easy to configure and use. Your phone will be always busy for unwelcome calls! When you have an incoming call BlackList application instantly detects incoming number and uses unique algorithm reverted binary tree to analyse it and determine if the service has to reject it or not. Because of real-time number analysis and almost instant call reject all unwanted callers won't even know that they are blacklisted, they will just hear busy tone all the time.

You can set up blacklist to send sms to rejected person if needed in order to explain your reject reason, e. Scheduler makes BlackList your completely automated personal secretary.

The service can reject everyone except family member at night, accept only co-workers at business hours on working days, etc. When you set up your black lists you can add here contacts from your contact book not just import phone numbers!

System Requirements and Features

Just create in your built-in contacts application some groups like Family, Spammers, Co-workers, etc and add these groups to as many lists as you need without adding tons of contacts to every list. BlackList is professionally made application and consists from configuration application that you can start like any other application and service module always-in-memory process. When you have configured the settings you can activate the service and close the configuration application.

The service will do all job using really small amount of memory, system resources and absolutely transparent to user.

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If the service is activated and your device has been restarted the service will be automatically started at system start.