Remote desktop connection nokia n900

Why is VNC not an option? Do you get any errors using SSH?

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How do you initiate the X-session? Regards, Anakin.

Remote desktop and Nokia N900

So, from there i have run the command "nautilus" , which launches half the desktop but not the menu. The problem with VNC is that it requires too much bandwith for a simple phoneline, and it isnt as nicely integrated as any of those two real windowhandling protocols, so it can easily be a lot of crap-graphics on the screen, which makes it hard to use or even unusable.

Thanks for the xrdp link, it installed nicely but somehow i wasnt able to initiate a session with rdesktop from my N, but i was able to do it from my windowspc, so its the rdesktop program that is the problem Nice one.

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Was able to do this successfully but file transfers don't work and I also haven't been able to connect to my fone via pc i. Leave A Reply.

Remote desktop and Nokia N

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Remote desktop and Nokia N900

In 4 steps you'll be able to zoom during video recording with your lovely N9, I also tested it, it works fine: Enable developer mod Plays sound upon keyboard sliding! Lockdaemon lests you play sound upon keyboard sliding.

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  7. Two basic functionalities: If you want something that's free and super easy to set up, Google has released its own remote desktop application that works through Google Chrome without having to install any software. An access code is given for a device, and that code is then given to those who need or want access to said device. If you don't already have Chrome, you'll have to download it to use the app, but that's a small inconvenience compared to paying for a program or using bulky software that you have to install.

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