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Furthermore, there is a world-energy and raid-energy. Next up we have a few tips for battle, because this is finally the most important part of The Walking Dead: Before going into battle, you should always pay attention to the characteristics. Partially the characteristics of the zombies will be displayed before each mission, so you can select the appropriate characters, who have an advantage over these.

However, it is advisable to use your persons independent. Here are a few tips to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival:.

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Furthermore, you can use items in the fight that you get either as a reward or can be produced in the workshop. In combat, you should use your rush wisely. If you keep the rush icon touched, it allows you to display the bonus of the adrenaline rush. Before going into battle, you should take a look at the weapons for your characters. By changing your team you need again partially reassign the weapons. Each weapon is assigned to a characteristic, so that for example the tough feature can only be used on tough weapons. Under each weapon is also the ability of the weapon. Some bring more attack, others assist in the defense and so on.

Choose the right section to match the correct weapons. Equip your people in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival always with the best weapons. Furthermore, this will expand the land area on which you can place other buildings and farms.

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Also important in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the material post, since this always must be upgraded to have enough space for material. Another important building in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the training ground. Always upgrade the town hall to build more buildings and upgrade existing ones.

Furthermore, you can use items in the fights.

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So you can for example, fill up the life of your people again. These items you can create in the workshop. If you still have more tips and tricks to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, then simply write a comment. Another important aspect in The Walking Dead: At level 5 you can no only set up your own faction, but also join an existing one. We want to point out some aspects. The app The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is based on different regions, in which you start randomly.

Each region has its own factions. Within the English-speaking countries, there are several regions.

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You can join another region at any time, but have to start again in the new region. If you want to progress faster in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, you can buy coins for real money and you are able to buy elite characters. Road to Survival to progress more quickly. We have to deny, however, because the app is funded through in-app purchases. So, if you want to progress faster and easier, you have to use real money.

On the Internet, however, you find numerous hacks for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival as for example, an APK that allows you to get unlimited coins.

The Walking Dead Telltale Season 1 - Full Game & Ending (No Commentary) (All Cutscenes Full Movie)

But beware, these are not legal, and often hide Viruses and Trojans, which is a great danger, because they can cause unwanted costs for you. If you want to progress faster in Walking Dead Road to Survival, use our tips instead of searching for cheat codes.


Perhaps You can use a full health person to take the punishment of a weak person thus keeping them alive for another turn. I want a friend and I to join the same faction, but we r in different regions, I noticed the other day if u click ur level while in ur town there is a profile code, could that code be a way to not start over in a different region?

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My friend and I are high levels and worked hard to level our characters, is there anything we can do? Hi, unfortunately the only way you and your friend can play together is to start in another region together. Unless one of your current regions isnt full. If you go to the regions section you can look at your region and see if their is room if it says full, you can not bring your friend in. I hope this helps. I upgraded my iPhone to a new one and when I downloaded the game onto my new phone I got a mismatch ID error.

The instructions told me to delete the game from the phone and then redownload it.

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I did that and now my account is gone completely. After 10 messages with Scopely they finally responded and said they need my in game name and lvl and any purchase transactions. I gave them all of that and they still could not help me… They then said I need the region I was in and they could find it but I was not told that in the instructions when I was deleting the game… Does anyone have or know a list of all the EN regions in the game?

How do i get my progress from the old phone to the new one? The arrow that says defense is like marvel avengers alliance where they jump in front of the other character u chose and block the attack. I recommend u dont do it on raids because the character who defends gets killed instantly without anyone hitting them.

Hope I helped happy gaming. Those who lost their progress did u save it to ur Google or Facebook account? Our World Free , which takes the still popular zombie IP and uses the wonders of location-based AR to create a struggle for survival right on your phone. Well, kind of, anyway. Our World definitely gets across the idea that the world is overrun with the undead, and it has more of a focus on combat than any other big AR game so far, albeit in very simple form.

Stitch Clementine’s Arm Walkthrough: The Walking Dead Game Season 2 All That Remains

Um, send them there again, we mean. It would all be pretty cool except for the annoying free-to-play energy system that limits how long you can play at one time and the fact that there are no real serious long term ramifications for failure, which is kind of the exact opposite of The Walking Dead in other forms of media. But hey, AR zombies, which are actually pretty cool. Encounters have a single skull icon and you can start one just by tapping on it. Within an Encounter, your job is simply to eliminate all of the walkers.

Walkers have health bars that will deplete when you damage them, and head shots will do more damage than body shots. Bonus tip: Getting swarmed by walkers? Tap the grenade button and you will drop a grenade right in front of you to damage or destroy any undead that are close by. Along with a weapon, you can also bring a single Hero who is known as your Companion when in battle.

Companions take down walkers with their own weapons, but they also can be overwhelmed if facing too many. Damaged Companions go on a cooldown timer before they can be used again, so unless you feel like spending premium currency to speed it up, your main goal should be to drop the walkers closest to your Companion.

Figure they can handle every other one by themselves, so you can pick off the others and keep them in good health. That is, of course, unless your Encounter is to rescue a survivor, which you can tell because they have a little stick figure beside them on the game map.