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But what I think should change is the wheel. I feel like you guys are kinda skimpy on the wheel and should change some of the things. Like when you get clothes on the wheel, it gives you this useless u7u thing. It's a waste. Change it to maybe like clothes or like this one reviewer said things from our wishlist.

The Twitter app for people who actually use Twitter. Now all-new for macOS.

Another thing is the offers and surveys I think you fix the errors and because it's also a waste of time and aggravating. And I'm tired of having to email peanut labs labs because the offers under the surveys won't give me my credits. I also think that the clothes, hair especially ,shoes, e. Because I looked on the men's catalog just out of curiosity and saw that they had things like credits.

That blew my mind. And I was thinking how the new people have a lot more clothes than I do and some girls. Thank you for reading my review.


I know it was very long but I would love to see more changes. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description IMVU is the 1 3D avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world and catalog to customize your look and meet new people. In Inventory, you can now view all the rooms and furniture you own.

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Earn Credits by playing mini-games and watching videos. IMVU is now available in Korean.

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Your 1 requested feature is now available on iOS - manage your private and public chat rooms! It is done. Want a chat room makeover? Hit us up at im.

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Stay tuned We fixed the issue where avatars' eyes were closed. Just tap the menu button under the search bar to see them in all their organized glory. Tap the star button in Shop to see your wishlist. View and reply to friend requests from Notifications. Should make for a fun summer beach read! Purchase a complete, ready-to-go outfit of the trendiest clothes, shoes, and accessories crafted by top IMVU creators.

So relieved to have Twitterrific resurrected!

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Rains — shadowbottle. Download the Press Kit. Muffles and Mutes. URL Schemes. Regular Expressions. On August 16th, Twitter initiated their plan to shut down several services that Twitterrific and other third party clients have long depended on to provide features you've come to know and love. Twitter's rollout of this shutdown was done in stages so that the affected services would flicker 'on' and 'off' with increasingly long 'off' durations until finally remaining 'off' permanently.

The final shutdown date has now arrived and as a result we have removed all of the features from Twitterrific that had become increasingly unreliable over the previous week. Live streaming has been removed. Twitterrific will now automatically refresh every few minutes while the app is open, or you can manually pull to refresh. Direct message delivery will be delayed. We are sorry for this and wish we had better news.

We will continue to work on the app for as long as we can and explore better workarounds where possible. Thank you for being a loyal Twitterrific customer over the years. We are forever grateful.

Want to access the files and folders of your device's apps? How about browsing through your iTunes backups? What about the media folders containing your iTunes purchases? We've got that too. What about files in apps that are synced to iCloud? Yes, even that. Supports all iPhones, iPods and iPads ever created. Access iPhone apps.

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